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Website Support & Maintenance

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Why a Website Support & Maintenance Plan?
Consider the following benefits...

Have a web expert, graphic designer and marketing department at your fingertips whenever you need–no need to train your staff, or worry yourself. Cost-effective is a big bonus. Fresh up to date websites fair better with search engine rankings and make more money. Professional assistance simply with a call, email or text away. We guarantee rapid turn around time, most requests are completed the same day. Most importantly our personal attention to DETAIL. You already have enough to think about. Let US worry about your website..

Just a few ways our Website Maintenance Services can help you! ...

  • Content Creation, Call To Action Pages, Landing Pages, Visitor Forms

  • Create & enhance your content for social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google MyBusiness, Mailchimp...

  • Design facelifts and makeovers, Navigation Updates, Visitor Usability Improvements

  • Add/modify photos, graphics, content modifications, improvements etc.

  • Add news or upcoming events, product modifications and additions. site blogging

  • Website security audits, patch and secure CMS's (Content management systems, Wordpress, Drupal, etc...)

  • Implement 3rd-party website integrations: Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Mailchimp...


Find a plan that works for you:


Have questions or concerns pick up the phone and call us now at 845-615-1436

We tailor to YOUR needs and advise on best approchs to help your site and business have better exposure and appearance.

We can also offer serives that include:
Website Security, Management System Updates, Backup & Disaster Solution Implementation, Dedicated Server Maintenance.

Over 25 years of website and hosting experience we can help you in all aspects in this industry.


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